i want y'all to know this is the first icon post that i've made since may 2011 and it's all the stuff i've made since then, so some of this is from last year? and that is why some of it is crap and i'm not up to date with recent stuff from it etc etc (the only really new ones are the morning glories ones)

ALSO i made these on my home comp but i'm posting them from my dad's and his screen is a looot brighter, some of these i made thinking they were darker so that may explain some weird blotches?? i kind of use the clone tool a lot

whatever let's so this

95 gunnerkrigg court (gif warning)
60 morning glories (tw: blood, knives, death, suicide, etc. ITS MORNING GLORIES)
71 mawaru penguindrum (finale spoilers, tw: blood, injuries)
35 person of interest
23 young justice
59 yugioh gx
total 343


being here is seeming to be the way )